Saturday, June 20, 2009

Two Deaths on the Wood

In him crystallized three Judaic suicides
For being an unbelieving Jew
The kiss unleashed a blood stream
Whirlpooled in Gulag and Shoah

Much later Dante, the cosmic traveler
In the ditch of Inferno
Captured in his Azury eyes
Prophet Mohammed in similar fate
Burst from chin to anus
With inner organs out

To fulfill the will of the Father
He sacrificed sacrifice even
Unto infinity
Here the pain went beyond the death

His master his victim
Unlike him was killed on a civilized wood
Which was chiseled by polished hands
He submitted with passing doubt
And sacrificed the flesh to free the spirit
There the spirit went beyond the pain


  1. Viswothara postmodern chintaka
    thangal avasyamayum chila puthakangal vaayiche mathiyakku.
    Reading List:
    Peter Barry: Postmodernism Beginner's Guide
    Terrence Hawks:Structuralism and Semiotics
    Frederick Jameson: Prison House of Language
    Christopher Norris: Deconstruction: An Introduction
    :Derrida, Fontana Masters
    Terry eagleton: Literary Theory
    Sanjeev S.: On Manichithrathazhu

  2. ee kannabizindikayikkenthava vattuvallathumundo?