Monday, June 1, 2009

Shaven Marx Fighting for Wall Street - Chat Poem

9:48 PM marshwiggle23: the first line is ok
me: no that's title, first line is urs
9:49 PM marshwiggle23: damn you're really not used to writing collaborative poetry
i agree with the title
my first line is "the first line is ok"
me: My second line is 'no that's title, first line is urs'
marshwiggle23: ok go on anil
9:51 PM me: marx, clean shaven, kissed Jenny like a faithful dog
9:52 PM marshwiggle23: jenny wanted a look at his underarms
me: jenny should always be Jenny no matter where she looks
9:53 PM marshwiggle23: but jenny is jenny only in relation to this poem and marx here
9:54 PM me: Marx is neither here nor there but in the ashcan of virtual world
9:55 PM marshwiggle23: i know the word levite and the word levitate and the word leviathan but what is levirate?
me: poems are not world for questions
9:56 PM marshwiggle23: my fouth lime was damn etc and you don't use articles you are post-contemporary but i want jenny not marx
9:57 PM me: jenny is no private property
marshwiggle23: i am ready to share her -will we correct the spelling - i am like bertotl
9:59 PM me: spelling is no willing but killing bullying ding-a-ling
marshwiggle23: mother courage gives me porridge and the garbage is no verbiage
10:00 PM me: garbage, verbiage, courage, porridge, all oldage poetry
10:01 PM marshwiggle23: adage, baggage, mirage, linkage now it's become contemporary
10:02 PM me: my world is post-condemn pareee
10:03 PM marshwiggle23: i hate the stupid la paree- sians, id rather have a clean shaven jenny
10:04 PM me: clean shaven with bougeoise razer is a symptom from feudal glory to capiatalist gluttony, but cock won't be coke overnight
10:05 PM marshwiggle23: and bush wont be bus overday
me: but bus can run over bush, day or night
10:07 PM marshwiggle23: faculty can be fuckulty any day
10:08 PM me: fuckulties are all fuckoldians these days
10:09 PM marshwiggle23: just like mallus are all maladroit these nights

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