Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tamar: Two Stories With a Single Name

In the beginning….(1)
It was pre-filmic reality
Onan, the patriarch of coitus interrupts,
Made a brilliant pop-shot
The semen was all over the place
Except in her pussy
Her womb cried like rain
A prostitute was born
Judah, unlike his son, did not waste his seed:
Right into her pussy
And she, too, made history

Years later….(2)
Tamar’s brother wanted her body
That was a small step by Amnon
But a leap for the history of rape
‘Arise, be gone’, he said while panting
For now his hatred exceeded his love
With ashes on her head
She cried and cried
Till the other brother consoled her
He settled the score
And the rest is history

1. (Genesis 38)
2. (2 Samuel 13)

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