Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Law of the Father

The father-Father, the priest-Father, the mother-Father, the teacher-Father, the professor-Father, the god-Father, the saint-Father, the husband-Father, the wife-Father, the doctor-Father, the nation-Father, in short, all the SAVIOUR FATHERS and THERESSA MOTHERS in all the towns in all the world, everyone of the species has a rotten image of learning: they conveniently believe that learning is a matter of memorizing something that somebody else memorizes. The novice, with the notebook, sits before the all-knowing Professor with lecture notes and transparencies. The Professor knows ‘the things and items’ the novice is supposed to learn. Before the class period is over, the Professor empties the load from his brain to the child.

We must be careful to note that in this sublime world of conventional and conformist teaching (CCT), teaching and shitting are the dialectical variations of the same thing: both refer to the same thing, although the apostles of this kind of teaching let themselves be blissfully ignorant of this state of the fart. Or better still, in CCT, teaching is raping ‘with other means’. The Professor penetrates the brain of the novice with his intellectual tools. That’s why Fathers of all variety have ‘penetrating’ intellect. In street rape the aggressor is punished, in classroom rape the aggressor is paid!

Long live the loads in the bowels and balls!

Let me quote the dirty boy of the twentieth century philosophy, Gilles Deleuze:

“To learn is to enter into the universal of the relations which constitute the Idea, and into their corresponding singularities….. To learn to swim is to conjugate the distinctive points of our bodies with the singular points of the objective Idea in order to form a problematic field….. learning always takes place in and through the unconscious, thereby establishing a profound complicity between nature and mind.”

Yep, swimming. We know that once we have learned to swim, we never forget it and the strategies and techniques that we adopt in different waters (“to conjugate the distinctive points of our bodies with the singular points of the objective Idea”) are unconscious. This also happens with walking, running, driving, bicycle riding, etc. They are the lessons one cannot master with the help of the penetrating brain of the Professor-Father. Unlike two lines of Wordsworthless that the worthless Professor has taught us, we never forget them. And the most beautiful thing about them is that our conscious mind is free to do whatever it wants when we walk, swim or run because we have learned these lessons “in and through the unconscious”.

The task of revolutionary and radical learning (RRL) is to conjugate Simondon, Jacques Monod, Kamala Das and Keki N. Daruwalla with the singular points (nationality, citizenship, migration, religion, fanaticism, fundamentalism, glocalization, ethnicity, race, gender, caste, color, sex, alienation, exploitation, sweatshop, etc) of the bubble universe through unconscious. In other words, one must learn and use Lacan and Delueze and Marx and Max Hardcore in and through the unconscious so that one’s conscious mind is free to do whatever it wants. In other words, it is when one complains, after reading a book, that she has not understood a single thing that we know that we are in the presence of RRL.

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