Sunday, March 1, 2009

An Introduction to Hegel

First Series on Static Ontological Genesis of Voyeurism

Mine was breech birth
My ass had the first mirth

Pants down, I have eyes to preach
And they have bodies to cover speech

Don’t call me a wanker
I am just a preacher

Second Series on the Logic of Voyeurism

With the kid I love to play peekaboo (1)
It is innocent
And the mother has peekaboo (2)
It is innocent

(1) n. a game played to amuse small children, in which the face is hidden in the hands and then suddenly uncovered as “peekaboo!” is shouted
(2) adj. clothes having holes or gaps intended to reveal parts of the body

Third Series on the Ethics of Pimping

Don’t call a pimp a pimp

Having sent out the girl
He wandered from place to place
Till he reached his water-mark

We still preach the same sermon from Sorrow Mountain

Fourth Series on Height

Plato* left the cave and rose up

With his head in the clouds
He towered into the heaven

Leaving behind the germs of idealism -
Philosophy’s manic-depressive form

*For Plato, the world of becoming is not real. Rather the Real is the world of Idea, which can be comprehended only if you break free from the shackles that confine you to the cave. Only in the light of the day, with the aid of sun, one sees the Real.

Fifth Series on Depth

Holderlin, before plunging into madness,
Discovered Empedocles* -
The philosophical schizophrenia

They placed thought in the deep
In the melting brilliance of volcanoes

Without limbs, voice or sex
The autochthonous dug deeper and deeper into the cave

*Empedocles asserted that all things are composed of four primal elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Two active and opposing forces, love and hate, or affinity and antipathy, act upon these elements, combining and separating them into infinitely varied forms. According to Empedocles, reality is cyclical. At the beginning of a cycle, the four elements are bound together by the principle of love. When hate penetrates the cycle, the elements begin to separate. Love reunites everything; then hate begins the process once again.

Sixth Series on Surface

The third Greeks*
They found no salvation in Platonic heights
Nor in the depth of earth

They gormandized** without guilt
Masturbated in public
Kept quite when asked questions
Tolerated incest and cannibalism

The spiritual was at the surface
In the event itself
Neither above it nor below it

* Megarians, Cynics and Stoics.
**Standard philosophical references are of the opinion that Cynics held abstemiousness as the means to human liberation. I am clinging here to Delueze’s reversal of the logic of many accepted paradigms of western metaphysics.

Seventh Series on the Game of Life

In Pascal’s gambling man
In Leibniz’s chess-playing god
In Adam Smith’s invisible hand

There exist rules
There exist models of good and bad
There exist causes and effects

In the game of innocence
We have no rules no loser no winner
We see no difference between chance and skill

And the game of innocence
Requires no hero
It amuses nobody

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