Saturday, March 28, 2009


He called his son Gershom
For he was a sojourner in a foreign land*

He: a disjunctive synthesis
Wandered among Yehweh’s people
In Pharaoh’s land
Hid in the wings of the little bird*

Caught between an intolerant God
And a hostile indifferent people
The patriarch stood helpless
No one knows what happened next*

Zipporah, the blood bride of history
There was circumcision for sure!
There was blood as well, in abundance
You resolved his ambiguity for ever*

History got written in circumcised blood
Menstrual blood in the rags

* Ger in Hebrew means sojourner
* “I have been a sojourner in a foreign land.”(Exodus 2: 22). It is not clear what Moses means by it. Does he refer to his alienation among Israeli people as an Egyptian? Or an alienation that he, an Egyptian, felt among the Egyptians as the savior of the Israelis? Or his life in Midian, where he took shelter after he had killed an Egyptian?
* Zipporah means little bird
* Exodus 4: 24-27. The passage is very strange and difficult. It is not clear who is circumcised, Moses or his son, by Zipporah.

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