Monday, March 9, 2009

Birds in the Six World from Sun

“All sympathy is thoroughly the will for pleasure and is thus immoral, because in sympathy pleasure is directly striven for in place of worth.”—Otto Weininger

As God recedes into the malls of antiquity
Every skinhead oozes out a serpent
A background radiation of cancerous pricks
Is all my leaden lips over my grey flowers
The red-necked roads in fire crackers

Too late you are my Milada Horakova*
Every poet has to sing gallows throat-out
A nation in every media walks in
Progressive jazz man and here we have
Three colors in the color spectrum

The sad alcohol burns in the dance of rain
While the red of menses thickens on the street

*Paul Robeson was singing at open-air concerts in Prague when the Socialist leader Milada Horokava was being raised to the gallows.

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