Monday, March 9, 2009

A Alegria do Povo

A brave new world was born
In the crooked legs’ feral dance
A fer-de-lance
Baroque bizarre
Yet an angel of the poet
And his sister’s brown bird

Neither east nor west
But over the cuckoos nest
Into the singularities of virtual time
Of alcohol of loneliness
The Combines
Couldn’t bend the unknown death

The absolute artist of the feutbal-arte
At Marakana with frozen limbs
What did those limbs want?*
The empty space of the enemy’s goal post
Or the birds in the Brazilian wilderness?
Far above, the God still plays the dice.

*Mané Garrincha (1933-1983), soccer player in the 1950s and 1960s who helped define the Brazilian style of play, and is considered one of the most spectacular and skillful players ever to play the game. In Brazil he was “the happiness of the people” because he was the man who engendered the most happiness in the history of soccer; a Brazilian poet called him “angel with crooked legs” because his legs were bent to one side due to the attack of poliomyelitis; his sister called him Garrincha because she thought he was like the small brown bird by that name. See You tube for his dance.

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